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Ride the Dunwich Dynamo 2024 and discover the Suffolk Coast

Find out about the Suffolk Coast

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About Dunwich Dynamo

What is the Dunwich Dynamo?

The Dynwich Dynamo is a 112 mile ride from London to Dunwich in Suffolk - and the best bit  - it's an overnight ride!

Starting from Pub on the Park, Martello Street, London Fields, Hackney, London E8 the ride weaves it's way through London to the quiet country lanes in Suffolk.

For those that are daunted at the thought of 112 miles there is a 34 mile abbreviated ride which can be downloaded you can find details of that ride here 

When is the Dunwich Dynamo?

Saturday 20th July 2024

Starting at the Pub on the Park riders gather from 6pm and start when they feel like it!

The ride is an unsupported ride originating from "Cyclists in Southwark". 

Riders normally arrive at Dunwich Beach, on the Suffolk Coast at 7 am - 9 am the following morning.

For more information about the ride see a document prepared by Barry Mason back in 2003.

Keep an eye on the The Dunwich Dynamo facebook page for more information about the next ride Nigel Bee has also produced more information about the ride which first timers will find useful.

Check the links below to find out more about the Suffolk Coast.

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The Dunwich Dynamo Route

The Dunwich Dynamo is not a fully fledged sportive ride, it is a genius idea created by Southwark Cyclists. A semi organised ride is not a bad discription. The route map is not officially available - you can find a Strava map here from the last time I rode. In reality most people follow the trail of red bike lights in front of them!

Route Map.jpg

If I cycle all that way how do I get home?

I'm lucky because I live on the Suffolk Coast so can ride home. I remember the first time I realised that some people turn round and cycle back to London - you're kidding I thought!!!


On past events Southwark Cyclists have arranged coach trips back for riders and their bikes - I expect their fabulous, hardworking team of volunteers will do the same again. I will link it when live. (Thank you Southwark Cyclists for this event).

Many people have their own support vehicles (family and friends!). The Suffolk Coast is one of the most picturesque places you could visit. Why not make a day of it? The World Famous Sutton Hoo is just down the road, Ed Sheerans Castle on the Hill is in Framlingham, quiet villages, miles of coastline, ancient woods and so much more. Follow the links below to discover more about The Suffolk Coast.

Are the people that visit this site potential customers?
Advertise your business here, £250 for the 2023 ride.
If this is of interest please get in touch.

Enjoy your visit to the Suffolk Coast

Whilst your here.....

Places to Eat

Arriving at the early hours you may choose to take a bite to eat at the Flora Tea Rooms on the beach. The Suffolk Coast has plenty of great places to eat

Places to stay

Cycling all night is tiring and you may wish to find a place to crash and take a day or two to unwind! Meet friends and family who can stay in the area.

Other places to visit

The Suffolk Coast is packed full of historic, interesting and beautiful places to visit. Take a trip along the coast to Aldeburgh, Thorpeness or Southwold.

Things you should think about

Every year the social media posts are bombarded with grumblings on the same subjects. Here are a few tips to help you avoid upsetting fellow riders and residents.

Noisy cyclists.jpg
  1. Number one on the list for a number of years has been the 100,000 lumen rear lights. A great safety feature for solo riding on dark lanes but a bit of a pain if you are following a whole line of bikes! 

  2. "CLEAR" is a friendly shout at a junction to save someone slowing. But if you live next to the junction and "Clear" calls start at 10pm and keep going through the night until 6am it get annoying. It's a night ride, please remember we are unusual in our behaviour (Who normally cycles through the night!) We need to be quieter than during the day!

  3. Litter, this is a basic thing. 1,000's of riders pass and we leave very little mess - let's keep it that way.

  4. Peleton's - please limit groups to sensible numbers. A bunch of 20 riders together is a bit much for country roads.

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